July 18, 2024

About LifePNG Care

In the community

Basic human rights such as education, food and nutrition for healthy bodies, clean water and access to medicines, shelter and love are the basic building blocks of life.  Life PNG Care, along with its partners, assist with early years and primary education, Life Skills training, distribution of clothing, medical outreach support and family counselling. The vision is about caring for and sustaining life!

The background

A steady migration of people from the Highland areas of PNG to the coast in search of work and better opportunities for their families has become a burden within the community and proving unsustainable for employment and education.  Poor living standards and an absence of a formal social support structure for individuals and families is taking its toll.  Unemployment, poverty, disease, violence and crime is commonplace.  Settlements in and around the main coastal cities are growing rapidly and many are idle and turning to drugs, alcohol, crime, abuse and domestic violence.

Papua New Guinea is facing serious issues in managing chronic poverty combined with the effects of the spread of HIV/Aids. Thousands of children are disadvantaged and vulnerable. Children are becoming separated from their biological parents and extended families as a result of sickness, death, violence and poverty. Basic needs such as clean water, food, sanitation, education and shelter are not being met for many people. A generation of youth is emerging who are disconnected from the village but not connected to the city.  There is a real need for leadership and support.