We have a vision for Papua New Guinea!

We envision a new model for Papua New Guinea, and a way to transform our future…and it starts with our children!

With chronic waves of homelessness and despair sweeping PNG, we see a new future instead. A future of hope, of promise, and prosperity for all.

We envision a multi-building center for our children to live in and learn, which we will call Pikinini Village. We will create this as a new model, which is local to Port Moresby, but which can be duplicated throughout Papua New Guinea with other centers to make PNG a sustainable and strong place, and ensure that we have a bright future.

We hope to get the land first, which will be the first phase towards this new model…the first Pikinini Village, which will be a model of many more to come. This will help guarantee a strong future for Papua New Guinea in the modern world. We can stay ahead of the massive homelessness and chronic proverty that so many children and young people are born into…we envison the first Pikinini Village of many to come.

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